Concealed Handgun License (CHL) Class Only Fee:

$80 Utah or Arizona (includes Oregon).  

$45 Oregon only.

$100 Utah & Arizona, (includes Oregon).


Includes Oregon concealed carry training certificate.

Utah Multi-State Permit is valid in WA, it is the cheapest way for an Oregon resident to be able to carry in WA. It is one of the most recognize permits in the United States. It is not valid in New Mexico. Recommended for Oregon residents that are more concern with carry in Washington. Includes the fingerprinting / photo.


Arizona Multi-State Permit covers the most States (specifically Western State's). Including ID-WY-MT-NV-NM...  Recommend a Washington resident gets the AZ permit, it gives us the most States.  Includes the fingerprinting (no photo on AZ permit).

More about this class

This class begins with a review of Washington Firearm Laws and how to obtain a Washington Concealed Carry Permit, which includes the new WA laws.and then Oregon Laws and how to obtain an Oregon Concealed Carry Permit (including a training certificate), and then the Utah Concealed Carry Class in its entirety.

This class satisfies the requirements for Assault Rifle Training for the State of Washington. Training valid for 5-years from date of issue.

The State of Utah mandates that its class is to be taught separately, which is why Washington and Oregon state-specific laws and costs are covered first. Then Utah state laws and costs are covered in a segment by themselves.

The Utah Class covers:

  • Utah Laws

  • Federal Laws

  • Basic Safety Rules

  • Firearm Types and Actions

  • Ammunition Function and Selection

  • Squib Loads, Misfires, Hang-fires

  • Malfunctions and Stoppage Drills

  • Use of Deadly Force

  • Interaction with Law Enforcement

  • Interstate Travel with Firearms

  • National Parks

  • Indian Reservations

Course Includes:

  • Utah or Arizona (and Oregon) Application

  • Passport Quality Photo

  • Fingerprinting

  • Copy of Drivers License

Oregon: Requires class prior to applying for permit. If you are an Oregon resident, you must apply in the county you live in. Washington residents may apply in Oregon for an Oregon CHL. Oregon does not recognize any other state's CHL permit.

Utah:  application fee is $63.25.00 for five years, and renewals are $15.00 for five years. Renewals are done by mail or through the internet.

Arizona: application fee is $60.00 for five years, renewals are $43 every five years. Renewals are done through the mail. You do not have to have an Oregon or Washington permit to be able to get a Arizona permit.

Reciprocity Between the States: Washington residents MUST have a Washington CHL to apply for a Utah CFP. Utah's permit is not valid for a Washington resident unless the resident has a Washington permit. Oregon residents DO NOT have to have a Oregon permit to get a Utah permit. Washington's permit is NOT valid in Oregon.

To reserve a seat in class, pre-register by signing-up on web site, e-mail or phone. Mention date and city. Walk-ins welcome, space allowing... Payment at class, cash or check (no cards at this time).